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The 2020 NACO Report on Angel Activity in Canada highlights that angel investment continues to be distributed unevenly across Canada and critical gaps exist in our national innovation ecosystem, hindering the emergence of high growth companies. In 2019, Central Canada accounted for 86% of investments compared with 13% in Western Canada and 1% in Atlantic Canada.

For more success stories to emerge from Atlantic Canada, we need to have our country’s best resources poised to support that company’s growth. We need investors and mentors at the ready, no matter where that company is located.

As long as these funding gaps persist, we will continue to be faced with unmet potential and the companies of the future will not have the support they need to thrive. Many of the startups that do scale and grow will look beyond their local communities to access the support they need.

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Premiere of NACO Atlantic 2020

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The Atlantic provinces have leveraged an inspiring cohesiveness throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that has strengthened the local innovation landscape.

Now is the time to come together to celebrate the strength of the Atlantic innovation ecosystem and champion access to capital for entrepreneurs across urban and non-urban communities.

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Angel investors are a critical component of any successful innovation ecosystem. They provide the early-stage funding, connections, and mentorship that entrepreneurs need to scale their operations, expand to new markets, and secure future investments from venture capital and financial institutions. Click here to learn more about becoming an angel investor.

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Over 20 years, the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) has emerged as the bedrock of Canada’s innovation economy and the only national platform for both angel investors and the innovation hubs that support Canada’s entrepreneurs. NACO’s growing membership of over 4200 angel investors, 45 incubators and accelerators, and 44 angel groups have pioneered the “access to capital” movement for Canada’s entrepreneurs. Over the past decade, NACO members have invested more than $1 billion into more than 1500 Canadian companies.